Air conditioning re-gas and refresh
Manufacturers recommend that your air conditioning refridgerant is regassed every 2 years due to the build up of bacteria created by the system where it is not used frequently (often only in summer months).
That's why at GMG we are offering you a great deal on an air con service. The offer includes a complete air con re-gas and system inspection checking for leaks, along with an antibacterial air con canister added to the refirdgerant to kill off any bacteria present.
Handy tip
To help maintain an effective air conditioning system and reduce unwanted oudours caused by bacteria, it is best to continue to use your air con all year round, including winter months. In fact, using the air con with the heater control set to warmer temperatures works even more effectively to clear misting windscreens.
 Air con service (includes re-gas + antibacterial refresh)  £55
 Air con re-gas only  £40
 Antibacterial refresh only  £20
Save 10% on any air conditioning services when combined with a full service on your car.*
*please mention this offer when booking your car in with us.